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Let us be clear right up front, we here at Cornerstone Integral are not academics. However, we are smart, intelligent thinkers who can take the latest academic research and convert it into cutting edge practical applications. How do we do that? Through the application of what is one of the most profound and comprehensive sense making models to emerge in this post-modern world, the Integral Frame. 

Why is this frame important? 

It is important because for years business and leaders have been pulled, influenced, seduced and at times misled by the latest ‘this or that fad’, leadership approach, business structure design, or cultural development approach. In instances, there have been elements of truth and usefulness, but wholistic and complete solutions have failed to emerge. Now as we move into the 4th industrial revolution and a post-postmodern world, leaders and their organisations can no longer afford to consume time and resources on partial solutions, rather they need to be integrated. The Integral Framework has the power to encompass all the ideas, theories and models of the business and leadership development world and unite them in a meta framework. This allows leaders and organisations to masterfully apply the right model at the right time in the right place for the right reason to the right person to get the right result ... think of it like acupuncture for your organisation.

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We go wide and we go deep, we transcend and include.

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We go expansive.

"The more comprehensive you think the more accurately you can predict"

Our research goes wide, it covers the disciplines of Behaviourism, Structuralism, Anthropology and Systems Theory. The Integral Framework allows us to venture into these domains and come back with the gems that are not only research based but cutting edge and applicable to you and your business. Going wide allows us to be comprehensive; transcending and including the latest thinking on vertical development, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, cognitive capacity, competency development, organisational design and cultures of engagement. An organisation is a structure and system of many parts and the Integral Framework enables us to understand these parts and how they interact more effectively.

(Why bother, you may ask… short answer is that all of the above leads to sustainable business results and performance – more on this in later blogs) 

We go deep

"the deeper you get into the complexity the more you see the pattern"

Wouldn't you like to get to the root cause of those behavioural issues that you see in your organisation? Wouldn't you like to know the consistent pattern that lies behind robust capability development? It’s called Autopoiesis and it's based in behavioural science.

Capability is Behaviour and Behaviour repeated is Autopoiesis

Wouldn't you like to get to the core of those perspectives you see manifesting abhorrently in your business or get to the bottom of the subconscious driving motivations of your talent and leaders? Wouldn't you like to know the basis of all thinking patterns to harness meaningful intent? It’s called Phenomenology and is measured by Structuralism. 

A perspective is an individual’s point of view borne out of their personal phenomenological experience and that perspective can be understood thorough Structuralism. 

How is your culture? Is it in alignment with your objectives or is it ‘eating your strategy for breakfast?’ If you peel the corporate value statement poster veneer off your lunch room walls, what will you find? Perhaps you're too scared to look! What is the predominant underlying shared understanding in your culture about your culture? It's called your cultural anthropology and it’s based in hermeneutics.

Hermeneutics is the study of intersubjective relational exchange and anthropology is the observation of that as a culture. 

Your business processes, strategy, and organisational structure should be agile enough to respond to the ever-changing dynamics of a fast-moving market. But, how do you know when to shift and morph to maximise the opportunity in the environment? Understanding this is best done from a Systems Theory perspective as it emerges out of Autopoietic Systems.

Systems can be robustly designed by applying Systems Theory out of the insights found in the study of dynamic Autopoietic Systems.  

Ok, so let's not get too inflated here. Let's be practical, and we at Cornerstone Integral are certainly that. You might be thinking that this sounds all too academic, sophisticated and complicated for you and your organisation. Well let us reiterate our commitment...we work with you to get your outcomes.  Let us bother about the backend, all you need to know is that we have got it covered. I am sure you like to give your prized prestigious car to the mechanic that knows about engines, well, think of us as the technicians under your corporate hood. Fine tuning your culture, tightening up your capability base, tweaking your organisational system and putting the best quality fuels in your talent tank.

Let us also put you at ease, you don't need to know all this, but we do. After all, do you know the coding that sits behind the app on your phone? No, but you know that someone must otherwise it wouldn't have provided you with the timesaving, productive enhancing operation of the app that you enjoy. 

At Cornerstone Integral we are confident we have an integral overview that enables insight in these volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times. 

We are Cornerstone Integral, and we have a generous spirit and a legacy to leave. 

And a final word, if any of you are interested in the hard core of all this, watch out for our under the bonnet, code cracking offer emerging in 2019. We will partner with you and your organisation to ascend to new heights of performance in your organisations. It's called Ascension and it’s your ticket to solve your problems at the level above the one that created them. We would love you to join us there.