Legacy and manifesto


Cornerstone Legacy


An elevation and evolution of perspective enabling a future that is abundant, thriving and enduring for all individuals, organisations, communities and the planet.


Cornerstone Manifesto

What We Do

At Cornerstone Integral we translate the best thinking of brilliant minds and global thought leadership by transcending and including this thinking into practical applicable solutions

We understand, explore, apply and advance

It is through pragmatic application that we earn respect, gain trust and build our reputation as advocates and practitioners of Integral wisdom and counsel.

Our expertise is valued

We enable our clients to navigate the complexities of 21st century organisational life as they journey through wins, challenges, disappointments and surprises. We are instrumental in elevating and evolving your perspective. We provide a sense of clarity, calm, strength and resolve.

Your capability grows

The impact as we connect and influence across all levels of an organisation is through an alignment of strategic aspirations and enduring values sparking an infectious viral transformation.

We impact and you get results

What We Stand For

We are unashamedly standing at the frontier of the Integral philosophy. Our clients tell us that they value our collective of eclectic, independent minds coupled with  uncommon organisational savvy. 

Rather than the belief in the construct of ‘the competition’ or competitors to Cornerstone, we prefer a perspective that forges a way for others to join. We have an insatiable passion for curiosity that fires our intellect. 

We hold deeply the care, compassion and unconditional positive regard for those whose lives we are privileged to touch in organisational life.

Why Cornerstone?

In ancient times buildings made of stone needed a ‘cornerstone’ as a reference from which all the other stone blocks were set. Appearing at the apex of an arch or vault, the cornerstone was the most ‘integral’ stone since it was the epicentre of the intended architectural shape. The cornerstone allows all else in the structure to maintain place and an even fit within the structure. 

The metaphor for the cornerstone is one of unity, strength of wholeness, and a quest to reach limitless heights or goals.

Through the use of the Integral Framework, as our cornerstone, we are able to provide our clients with a sense of wholeness and unity providing the ability to reach outcomes and expectations beyond what they thought was possible.