This is the most recent of a series of articles by Dr Dawson from Lectica, on the complexity of national leaders’ thinking. This article will make more sense if you begin or refamiliarise your selfwith the first article in the series which was released last year.

Following her assessment of US Presidents, Dr Dawson now scores the capability of Australian leaders past and present. Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull are all assessed using  CLAS, a newly validated electronic developmental scoring system developed by Lectica.

Dr Dawson’s evidence based approach to adult capability measurement and development, answers many of the questions relating to adult development asked by experts within the Adult Development and Systems Leadership communities, (Think of Requisite Organisation – Elliott Jaques).

In case you choose not to read or revisit the first article, here are a few things to note:

·         Dr Dawson is  an acclaimed  educational researcher and CEO of Lectica a nonprofit that specializes in measuring the complexity level of people’s thinking skills and supporting the development of their capacity to work with complexity.

·         The complexity level of leaders’ thinking is one of the strongest predictors of leader advancement and success. See the National Leaders Intro for evidence.

To find out how our leaders stack up please click on the following link: