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does your organisation suffer from cork taint?

Many of us know the history relating to the introduction of screw top wine closures. If you don’t let us share some history with you. 

Leadership Development

A series of papers from friend and Colleague Nick Petrie on the future trends in leadership development 

Future trends in leadership development - Nick Petrie 

Vertical leadership development - Part 1 - Nick Petrie

Vertical leadership development (the how to) - Part 2 - Nick Petrie

Vertical development check list - Nick Petrie


reinventing organisations

Reinventing Organisations Welcome to the 21st century. A bold new commentary on the way organisations can be structured that dispels the myth that command na control is the only way to build high performing organisations. If you are a senior leader or HR professional this the book that that you have been waiting for, it will shock you, and leave you asking "is this even possible?" the answer is "yes" backed by several case studies of orgianisations that are taking on the future now, at scale.  Good to Great for the modern era, you cant afford not to read it. 

As the rate of change escalates exponentially, the old ways of organizing and educating, which were designed for efficiency and repetition, are dying. Frederic Laloux is one of the few management leaders exploring what comes next. It’s deeply different.
— Bill Drayton, Founder, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public


Holacracy: Structuring organisations hasn't changed for last 100 years, but now there is another option, one that capitalises on the hierarchy of old, but liberates from us form its mechanistic tyranny. If your looking for another option than command and control to run your business or organisation, then here it is. This new approach to management and organisational structure is taking the world by storm. 

Holacracy is the opposite of the cliché way to run a startup. People romanticize startup cultures and their lack of structure, but it actually creates tons of anxiety and inefficiency, whether we have to build consensus around every decision, or deal with land grabs for power. In contrast, Holacracy creates clarity: who is in charge of what, and who makes each kind of decision—and there is a system for changing that, so it’s very flexible at the same time.
— Evan Williams, co-founder of Blogger, Twitter, and Medium