For many, CEOs, CFOs, Organisational Development professionals and other C-Suite roles,  the concept of organisational transformation is vague at best and at worst, non existent or just too hard or too complex. When asked to define what is meant by organisational transformation, vertical development  or change etc people in senior roles are able to articulate the need to move from one state to another, however often have real difficulty in describing the basis or theory that is being used to implement that transformation and equally importantly, how to measure it.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help you decide if you want to read on – there are six signs that point to a readiness to engage with us in taking Ascension to your organisation. Here they are:

  • You want to find a way to make sense of your organisation and a world that is getting more complex with every year 

  • You want practical insights and habits that help you and your team be more, do more and bring a vibrancy to the hours you spend at work 

  • You want credible answers to the big questions and dilemmas that face us in organisational life with pathways forward that are grounded in the very best of global thought leadership with solid research and evidence

  • You want extraordinary relationships with your people, relationships that will require you to be courageous and authentic

  • You want to elevate and evolve your perspective and the perspectives of those around you in order to harness the collective intelligence within your team / organisation

  • You believe that adults can grow and develop; that it is possible to expand our cognitive and emotional capacity to our fullest potential 

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these and would like a no-charge whiteboard session with one of our directors, click here to book a session or read on to find out more

What is Ascension? 

  • It is a methodology, process and a way of being in organisational life that elevates the thinking and doing of all people to consider a different way of what it takes for an organisation to be effective.

  • Ascension is about enabling organisations and the leaders within them to build the capability to shift from not knowing to knowing, choosing the paths most likely to invoke the best of peoples’ attributes.

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 What does it take to shift from not knowing to knowing?

  • For too long organisations have allowed fashion, fads and hopeful thinking to guide us as organisational developmentalists. The concept of Ascension causes organisations to seek answers to the following questions

  • Truths vs Beliefs

    • How do we respectfully interrogate the validity of our theories, truths and beliefs, in the context of Ascension?

    • How do we guard against the unwarranted attraction of the next unproven shiny thing?

    • How can we honour and respect evidence based approaches?

    • Why do ‘expert’ organisational development consultancies seem to only rediscover what’s been known for half a century or more?

  • Stages vs States

    • How do we, in our knowing, clarify the difference between states and stages and what does knowing this mean for organisational development?

  • Vertical Development vs Behavioural/Horizontal States

    • How do we meaningfully navigate the vertical (hierarchical) development discussion in all quadrants from hypothesis to ‘truth’.  How do we know what the ‘truth’ is? How can we reliably and validly measure it? 

  • Partial Truth vs Belief

    • How do we gain clarity about the difference between belief and partial truth?

    • Is knowing this important?

    • How confident are we that our beliefs are true?

    • How important is it to us that our beliefs are true?

  • Emergence

    • How do we respect the idea that some of our truths are likely to be found partially true as new evidence emerges?

Are you ready to find a way to make sense of your organisation and a world that is getting more and more complex? Click here if you are