Guiding Principles


Extraordinary Relationships

At Cornerstone Integral extraordinary relationships are more than just transactions. They are built on trust and are both intimate and liberating for mutual benefit.

We create a bond amongst ourselves, our clients, our suppliers and affiliates that ensures we build enduring connections that last a lifetime.

How we enact

  • We maintain regular contact with those with whom we have an enduring connection and initiate contact with those whom we wish to have an enduring connection
  • We provide value added contributions to others at no cost


Courageous Authenticity

At Cornerstone Integral we are aware that in order to fulfil our legacy we need to have authentic conversations that go to the heart of the matter. We have the courage to hold conversations in a skillful and compassionate way that becomes the catalyst for mutual evolution and development while honouring all party’s unique perspectives.

How we enact

  • We provide grounded, appreciative assessments when giving feedback. We listen actively without prejudice.
  • We respond by taking timely action


Active Ownership

Our people are our organisation and for them to be deeply present and deliver outstanding outcomes it is fundamental that they feel profoundly valuable to the whole that is Cornerstone.
The Cornerstone co-operative engagement model ensures that every practitioner is tied to and accountable for the generation of clients and the quality of work they deliver.

How we enact

  • We always look for ways to broaden our integral offering to clients
  • We contribute to the building of Cornerstone by offering our time and skills in those areas where we have capability
  • We contribute to business development strategies and look for ways to incorporate the collective in any offering


Practical Creativity

Working from an integrally informed framework we co-create bespoke solutions which resolve complex challenges in a practical and implementable way.We build on the past experiences of our practitioners as well as applying new integral concepts and tools. Ultimately we partner with clients to produce sustainable futures.

How we enact

  • We stay current with respect to thinking in human development
  • We convert concepts and ideas into actions that deliver pragmatic sustainable outcomes.
  • We include our clients in our thinking


Passionate Curiosity

Cornerstone Integral has an enthusiasm and desire for learning and knowledge which means we encourage and embrace the learning and growth of our practitioners. We provide the environment and opportunity for the collective and individual evolution of both our clients and ourselves. This fosters and supports the development of personal mastery. As the world evolves the Integral Framework allows us to implement and adapt new concepts and models into our solutions, whilst continuing to embrace the mystery of what's possible.

How we enact

  • We actively engage in developmental learning opportunities
  • We share information and learning we have had with others
  • We operate in a way that transcends what came before whilst including the best from the past.