We are seeking both executives and consultants with strong business skills and experience who work in organisational development and who are aligned to the Integral Framework approach or open to learning and adopting it.

If answering “YES” to some or all of the following questions reflects a new direction in your working life then contact us:

  • Are you seeking a change in career direction and a new challenge?
  • Are you seeking to develop strong relationships with other consultants, clients and affiliates?
  • Do you think you can subscribe to Cornerstone’s Intention & Guiding principles?
  • Do you stay up to date on latest thinking in organisational development which you can translate into creative solutions for your customers?
  • Would you like professional development in the use of a proven methodology as a consultant?
  • Are you a motivated self-starter?
  • Would you like to be free of all the administrative and business operational tasks of an independent consultant?
  • Would you like the flexibility in working arrangements, working from home and allowing more control over your work/life balance?



Cornerstone Integral is a cooperative consultancy where the individuals who work in the business, own the business. Cornerstone Integral is a resource for individuals seeking to develop or grow and scale to their own consulting activities and provides a range of benefits.

The Benefits of Working with Cornerstone

  1. Professional and consulting development linked to world class thought leaders.
  2. Sales expertise to connect you with prospective clients and to grow your own client base.
  3. All the resources for the translation of an initial prospect meeting to a contract for delivery of services to clients.
  4. A brand and collegiate group of experienced consultants to work with.
  5. All administrative activities and support undertaken for you by Cornerstone.
  6. As a shareholder, opportunity to participate in the development of Cornerstone Integral and to share in profits.
  7. Reciprocal opportunities through working with our other consultants.

Where to from here?

If you are unsure of whether Cornerstone could be part of your future, Contact Us and we will send you a questionnaire that may further help you to decide.

Note: this is not a franchise/license - it is a genuine career development opportunity.

APPLY NOW and submit a brief career profile, email and phone number for consideration.

If your provided information meets our initial screening criteria, you will receive a phone call and then be invited to meet with us.

All communication will be treated in complete confidence.