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Cornerstones one to many approach

Our workforce environment is under constant change, yet its difficult to know what's a fad versus a genuine reliable next step for your team or more importantly your entire organisation. We offer thought leadership keynotes and presentations on the most current approaches to Human Resources, Leadership, Organisational Development and Transformational Change. A few of our current keynotes include, 

Vertical Development - 21st Century Leadership

For many years now we have relied on developing our leaders through the accumulation of knowledge and experience. Yet recent research, conducted in conjunction with Harvard University, measuring executive and senior management leadership decision making indicates that less than 1% of senior leaders can formally execute their role to maximum effect. So whats happened? Quite simply we have not kept up with the rate of change and complexity. To meet task and role demands of the 21st century we need to bigger minds - we need to build Vertical Development. This keynote covers the following topics, 

  • The state of the nation(well global really), and its not good - current research into the state of leadership and decision making, globally. 
  • Not just more technical skills but Meta Skills - What is Vertical Development and why you need it? 
  • Start now or get further behind the eight ball - The key skills you need to focus on to build Vertical Development.
  • Adapt or a Kodak moment could be just around the corner - The risks of not having a vertical leadership approach in your organisation. 

Closing the Capability Gap -  Why Popularity doesn't equal performance

The market's approach to capability measurement, leadership performance and succession planning has remained largely unchanged for the last 20 years. The markets focus remains on the use of predictive behavioural profiling, bias laden methodologies as key indicators of capability. We are on the edge of a new era yet many organisation remain change averse in their desire to adapt to what is now a real time global environment. This presentation focuses on fresh approaches to human capital based on the research provided by the recent Deloitte paper on Human Capital Trends 2015. This keynote covers the following topics,

  • New times, new skills - Why you shouldn't based your succession planning on tenure - especially at the senior leadership level.
  • Don't rely on age or fresh faces, rely on capability - Who should and should not do your senior executive recruiting - including agencies.
  • Does sector really matter any more - Why systems thinking in a global workspace is more important than sector experience. 
  • Popularity is not performance - Why knowing the difference between developmental and behavioural assessments could save your bottom line. 

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