1. Clients

We are a strongly growing business having a global portfolio of clients with extraordinary people who are drawn to the insights we bring to the things they care deeply about.

2. Integral Offer

A dynamic, evidenced based cutting edge artefacts (3D, hologram, suite of interventions, VR experiences) that gives expression to our Legacy through enabling our clients to co-create integrally informed outcomes.  

3. People

We are a strong collective team with ownership of a culture that enables us to be the best Integrally based versions of  ourselves, acting in line with our Legacy, Manifesto, and Guiding Principles.

4. Alliances

We have a global network of strategic alliances that  enhance our reputation and value and are aligned with our Legacy, Manifesto, and Guiding Principles.

5. Systems

We have an authorised productive and fit for purpose  operational backbone that enables scalability, service delivery, financial visibility and stability, as well as  consultant mastery.

6. Viability & Growth

Through a combination of dividend stream, shareholder return or equity growth, we meet/exceed consultant income aspirations and fund our own business development through our talent, culture, systems, alliances.