At Cornerstone Integral we pay attention to the world’s best research on building and assessing leadership capability and have been intrigued by the ground breaking work of Dr Theo Dawson and her colleagues at Lectica.

She has recently embarked on an ambitious project to  assess the capability of our global leaders (past and present), and we invite you to join us as she and her colleague Aiden Thornton describe the results of their intriguing work.

She and Aiden will release the results of their work as it is completed through a series of articles using the rigour we expect of Lectica assessments. In the first of this series they describe the task at hand and their approach to assessment.


In the second of the series they describe their conclusions re the capability of the current and past US Presidents  

In the third of the series Theo looks directly at the difference between the thinking capability of Trump when compared to Obama. The conclusions regarding the current President are thought provoking to say the least. 

If you would like to know more about Lectica assessments please feel free to contact us or the authors via the links in the article.