If you agree with this statement, or even partially agree that your organisation, your division, your function or your team is not in good shape, or in good enough shape, please spend a minute to read this article.
Are you certain that you are

  • Delivering real value (not artificial value) to your customers?

  • Creating ongoing wealth for your shareholders and prosperity for all your stakeholders?

  • Doing these things in a sustainable and enduring way that is to the benefit of society and the community?

If you’re not doing these things in your organisation, we’d strongly encourage you to have a read and then seek some assistance, either from us or one of our “competitors” (as long as they are thinking and acting Integrally).

And yes, you may well be thinking that we are one of the many hundreds, indeed thousands, in the world of consulting trying to peddle their wares and get you to part with your money. But honestly, we really don’t care where you get this stuff from, as long as you get it from somewhere. We don’t uphold the notion of competition in our business but we do believe that the power in society today rests solidly in the business world (not in the state or the church as in bygone days) and we’re in a heap of trouble if we don’t have business leaders with the ability to create enduring organisations (necessarily implying profitable ones) that leaves us, our children and the planet in better shape.
How often do you hear CEO’s or senior leaders thinking and behaving as the leaders of The Iraquois Native American Indians did? This Confederacy played a fundamental role in shaping the thinking of the founding fathers of the United States. Their philosophy emphasised a noble purpose for the common good. When thinking strategically, there was just one overarching decision-making criterion, posed as a question: “What is in the best interest of all our people for the next seven generations?”

We’re not promising a silver bullet solution; we are promising a dialogue with you that may elevate your perspective. For those of you still reading this email, there is a caveat - this is not for everyone and there will be some of you for whom this type of dialogue is not palatable. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help you decide if you want to read on – there are 6 signs that point to a readiness to engage with us in future emails and dialogues. Here they are:

  • You want to find a way to make sense of your organisation and a world that is getting more complex with every year

  • You want practical insights and habits that help you and your team be more, do more and bring a vibrancy to the hours you spend at work

  • You want credible answers to the big questions and dilemmas that face us in organisational life with pathways forward that are grounded in the very best of global thought leadership with solid research and evidence

  • You want extraordinary relationships with your people, relationships that will require you to be courageous and authentic

  • You want to elevate and evolve your perspective and the perspectives of those around you in order to harness the collective intelligence within your team / organisation

  • You believe that adults can grow and develop; that it is possible to expand our cognitive and emotional capacity to our fullest potential

Does that sound like you? If so, you're in the right place. Over the next 30 days we’ll send you just one email a week that will spark a different kind of conversation.
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