3 Tours, 33 people, 6 hours of Global Perspectives

Cornerstone Integral, on 2nd August, introduced Melbourne to We Are One World  – A global system simulation for enhancing complex decision making and creating next level thinking. 

Thirty-three people attended across a series of three 2 hour ‘Tours’ at Melbourne Zoo which gave them a feel for the full One Day Simulation. People came from corporate, consulting, education, media, politics and the not for profit sector to experience this high impact event. 

At the conclusion of each ‘Tour’ attendees openly shared their thoughts and perspectives on what they had experienced. Many reported a shift in their perspective similar to the overview effect as a result of the experience and several consistent themes emerged including:

  • The significant challenge facing our planet and the feeling of fear it engenders at all levels of society.
  • People are becoming overwhelmed with the volatility, uncertainty and complexity of life today and what to do about it, other than feeling daunted by it all.
  • The need to shift the perspective of individuals, organisations, and our children towards a more purposeful and better future.
  • The innate capacity that a small group can have if we start with a shift ourselves to make a difference with our families, communities and organisations. The power of a small group of people leading significant change through – the ‘trickle effect’.

Are you interested in and brave enough to tackle just the themes above? If so how will you get others to truly collaborate with you in making a real difference in your organisation and/or your community? 

Contact us at Cornerstone Integral to find more about how you can make a real difference - www.cornerstoneintegral.com, 1300 133 550, or even better book a free 3hr Whiteboard Session with us.

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