Peter Georgiadis

Peter brings to Cornerstone over 33 years of management and leadership experience in stainless steel production, processing and distribution. He is authentic, passionate and inspirational, having a long proven track record in creating, organising and leading well-functioning, high performing, market leading businesses, delivering sustainably good financial performance, with a safe, energetic, engaged & stable workforce. Disciplined professional with a positive attitude focused on operational, manufacturing and sales excellence leading to customer satisfaction and earning high respect of industry peers.

Impressively extensive global and Australian business experience in sales and marketing of stainless steel and metals processing. Experienced in successfully implementing project management and change management programs.

Naturally providing visionary leadership with strong interpersonal skills. Believes in empowering people to perform “better than their best” by being fair, compassionate, understanding, honest and supportive.

Focusing on efficiently managing the three key resources, People, Time & Information to achieve sustainable growth and long term value. Combining a relaxed, confident, knowledgeable and easy to understand presentation style, which results in highly effective ability to clearly communicate and be fully understood.

Strong interest and desire to help organisations better understand and manage mental health issues drawing from personal experiences.