Leading in an Age of Uncertainty 

We are living in an extraordinary time in history where our society is fundamentally transforming. How we work, communicate, shop, spend leisure time, etc. has radically changed in the last decade and continues to evolve. Every industry has been significantly impacted; media, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services - No industry is immune to how big data, the cloud, mobile technology, connectivity, global competition, and changing demographics are impacting how we do business. There is no longer predictability or stability.

Bob Johanson, former president and distinguished fellow of the Institute for the Future, coined the acronym VUCA to represent the Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity inherent in today's business world. This "new normal" is profoundly changing not only how organisations do business but also how leaders lead.

The good news is that there are established ways to navigate in a VUCA world but they require some fundamental shifts in our ways of thinking as well as changes in the structures, tools and methodologies that have become almost second nature in most organisations.

A VUCA world requires leaders to continually adapt and remain flexible as they co-create a new future in which organisations can not only survive, but thrive. It requires a fundamental break from linear change models that provide a step-by-step process in a standardised order and in a one way, top down direction. Several studies document that over 70% of such change initiatives fail in today's environment, which requires a fundamentally more dynamic way of moving through continual change. Many leaders must face the challenge of navigating in a VUCA world not as a problem that can be solved, but as an ongoing dilemma that must be managed. Solving these problems requires a fundamental shift from either/or to both/and integrative thinking in order to navigate through the changes successfully.

The primary challenges for leaders to work in this new world include:

  • Shifting from reacting to change and moving towards a more proactive response to change.
  • Shifting focus from predictability and control to the capacity to dynamically steer.
  • Shifting from command and control to distributed/ shared leadership.
  • Making sense of things and seeing how interdependencies can impact their business, stakeholders, and overall industry.

The Solution to a VUCA world - VUCA PRIME

VUCA Prime enables us to shift our focus from the frustrating illusion of seeking "permanent" solutions, to the liberation of a more iterative and collaborative approach to strategy and execution. The good news is, leaders who make this shift experience a deep satisfaction for their enhanced ability to achieve multiple outcomes that were once seen as either/or alternatives, including: 

  • High profitably and cost efficiency.
  • Efficient and effective systems and processes.
  • High quality, accountability, and employee engagement.
  • Enhanced customer loyalty, engagement, and referral.

                                             The VUCA Prime Model

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