I have been consulting for over 13 years. Prior to that I spent over 10 years as an employee in a large, multinational organisation in a variety of market and business management roles. The latter part of my employment there involved moving the company forward in its philosophy and framework for sustainable business improvement.  

I think that my diversity of roles prior to consulting brings to my work a high degree of business credibility underpinned with a passion for people development and growth. I know first hand how tough it is to be a leader in organisational life.

Sometimes, terrible things are done to people and teams in the name of business. Organisational life can be demanding, tough and brutal. Many of us spend a significant proportion of lives in the workplace and I am passionate about helping organisations create positive, stimulating environments where people can be the best that they can be because they to want to be that way. I have a strong value around learning and self development – this can occur outside the workplace but given the amount of time we spend in organisational life, I want to help create workplaces where people can reach their potential.

As part of our leadership development programs, we invariably have a follow up day, usually about 6 months after the formal program has finished. During this day, we look at quantitative and qualitative data regarding the sustainability of change that people have undertaken as part of their development journey. These days are so rewarding. To see the shifts that people make to create a positive environment where these leaders and the people they lead can thrive and flourish is just wonderful. To know that I have played some part in that makes me feel humbled, proud and inspired.

Specialties: Leadership Development, Coaching, Strategy Development, Team Facilitation