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We exist in a world story, a story we are born into, a story that to date is unchallenged, a story initiated and perpetuated by outmoded and unquestioned values and beliefs.

This story has brought us to a place in history where it needs to be questioned and our assumptions tested. This time represents a tipping point in the world’s future.

It’s time to wake up and create a new shared story. One that shifts the individual and collective perspective about the systems we introduce, the cultures we develop, and ultimately about the behaviour we engage in.


the game that changes the GAME!

In one day you will experience the tragedy of what we have become and the ease with which we perpetuate the stereotypes we have grown up with.

You will also experience the wonder of a potential future where we create a new story.

This live action game takes you on an historical journey back to the beginning of time and then propels you into the future. You will experience moments of despair and frustration but also be exhilarated by what is possible through a commitment to collaboration.

Above all, it will inspire you to live and tell others about a new story, a story that shows WE ARE ONE.



WE ARE ONE WORLD is a simulation experience designed to liberate your thinking by employing sense making tools and techniques to understand the underlying patterns in our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

After attending this event you will:

  • Be deeply connected to your personal purpose and that of your peers
  • Shift your perspective about the way the world works
  • Improve your co-operation and collaboration capabilities 
  • Super-charge your communication, conversation and negotiation skills
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the world’s problems, and the possibilities for creating solutions
  • Discover the role you and your organisation can to play in making a difference
  • Identify the appropriate behaviour and actions required for all of us to have a sustainable and meaningful future.
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This simulation is based on the original work developed by Buckminster Fuller.

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"Offering a truly unique experience of world issues, trends and challenges. Ron is an excellent presenter and facilitated a global experience that was both inspiring and motivating to people who want to make the world a better place."

Peter Meisen, President at Global Energy Network Institute

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Come and join us for a day of discovery and uplifting, life changing simulation of real world events, past, present and future.

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