Systems mastery  


Our rich history and depth of experience, coupled with our library of solutions and interventions, and our network of global thought leaders, enables us to provide significant breadth and depth in delivering programs and interventions. 

What is Systems Mastery?

If you are a theorist, you will be thinking, Senge, Jaques, Stafford Beer, Imai, Marx, Kaplan and Norton and many more.

The Systems Mastery quadrant describes the systems characteristics that give effect to organisational outcomes.

In this quadrant we are seeking answers to critical questions including:

  • How effectively does our strategic plan and our planning processes deliver the outcomes we are seeking?
  • How well attuned is our strategic and business planning approach to what is happening in the market and the environment we operate within?
  • How effective is our organisation structure in supporting and enabling our organisation’s imperatives?
  • Does the performance of our people and capability based systems give us what we want or need?
  • What type of competency framework should we adopt?
  • How aligned are our systems to our organisation activities; do they support the outcomes we are seeking?
  • How effective are our systems in describing, measuring and providing feedback to our internal and external stakeholders?
  • Are our systems valid, do they do what we think they do?
  • Do our policies and procedures support the outcomes we are seeking?

Often activities targeted to this quadrant strive to set the behaviour, performance and cultural tone of your organisation due to their focus on pulling the levers of organisation performance. Think organisation structure, performance management, competency framework, reward, compensation, feedback, recruitment, and strategic planning processes and systems and policies and procedures and you have a great understanding of the activities that fit into this quadrant.

Unfortunately without adequate assimilation with the other Integral Framework quadrants, systems based programs generally deliver sub optimal results.

In the Systems Mastery Quadrant, we offer the following solutions:

  • Strategy process design, facilitation and alignment.
    • Design and facilitate your organisation’s strategic management processes.
    • Design and facilitate programs to energise your strategic priorities.
    • Design and facilitate employee/stakeholder communications to give effect to your organisation’s strategic intent.
    • Conduct audits to ascertain the degree of strategic alignment across your organisation.
    • Recommend, design and facilitate initiatives to integrate your strategy into your suite of organisational development programs.
  • Organisation Structure.
    • Structure design and implementation.
    • Conduct audits to assess organization design effectiveness and alignment with strategic imperatives.
  • People and Capability – Policy and process design and audits.
    • Policy development and implementation.
    • Process design.
    • Design and conduct audits
  • Change Management.
    • Design and facilitation of change programs and projects.
  • Recognition and Reward.
    • We are experts in the field of human motivation and provide advice on the features and attributes of effective employee recognition and reward.
  • Performance Management.
    • Design, development and facilitation of performance management systems.
  • Systems Audits.
    • Design and conduct audits to assess the alignment and effectiveness of major People and Capability systems.

Cornerstone Integral Leadership Mastery program. This series of programs provides leaders at all levels with a clear understanding of how the development of systems mastery contributes to an overall ability to create organisational mastery. Tell me more... 

Based on the needs of our clients, our solutions and interventions, can deliver the following outcomes:

  • Clarity on your organisation’s strategic direction.
  • Alignment between strategic intent and organisation performance.
  • Design and implementation of “fit for purpose” structures.
  • Human Resources policy design
  • Design and implementation of your People and Capability systems to support the aspirational, cultural and capability requirements of your organisation including:
    • Capability frameworks.
    • Performance and reward.
    • Talent management.
    • Talent development.
    • Leadership.
    • Teamwork.
    • Work accountability.
    • Process design
  • Insight into the alignment and effectiveness of your People and Capability systems.  

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