Perspective mastery  


Our rich history and depth of experience, coupled with our library of solutions and interventions, and our network of global thought leaders, enables us to provide significant breadth and depth in delivering programs and interventions. 

If you are a theorist, you will be thinking, Jung, Freud, Maslow, Piaget, Rogers, Kegan, Torbert, Gardner, Baldwin and many more.

The Perspective Mastery quadrant describes the personal characteristics of individuals within an organisational setting.

In this quadrant we are seeking answers to critical questions including:

  • What are my and my colleagues’ values, beliefs and attitudes?
  • At what stages are my and my colleagues’ emotional and cognitive development, and how can I build this capacity?
  •  What perspectives do I and my colleagues bring, and how do they affect our organisation’s activities?
  • Do I and my colleagues consider and value the needs of internal and external stakeholders and their link to successful organisation outcomes?
  • How can I improve my organisation’s decision making capability to deal with the complexity of issues we are facing?

Often overlooked when considering organisation development activities, this quadrant is the powerhouse of your organisation development work.

To thrive in organisations we need a belief of success and this only emerges with a coherent understanding of individuals’ values and beliefs and how these coalesce with the desired state of your organisation.

But as important as these are to organisation outcomes, this quadrant also asks us to examine the capability of our leaders and their ability to respond successfully to ever increasing complexity, ambiguity and the requirement for innovative thinking. Along with catching the attention and support of internal and external stakeholders and customers, the broader the perspective leaders have, the greater their capability to respond to these challenges.

In the Perspective Mastery quadrant, we offer the following solutions: 

  • Change Agility:
    • Identifying what influences personal immunity to change
    • Emotional responses to change
    • Broadening personal perspectives and change
  • Developmental Coaching:
    • Enhance leadership capability.
    • Enhance decision making capability
  • Diagnostic Assessments including:
    • Lectica capability assessments.  (LDMA & LSUA)     
    • Human Synergistics assessments.
    • DISC profiling.
    • Stress Management, (Various).
  • Stress management and approaches to resilience programs
  • Personal and Career Development programs

Cornerstone Integral Leadership Mastery program. This series of programs provide leaders at all levels with a greater insight and understanding of themselves as well as the ability to understand others. This builds perspective mastery which contributes to organisational mastery. Tell me more..

Our programs and interventions are designed to deliver the following outcomes for you:

  • Clarity and greater alignment of my, and my colleagues’ values, beliefs and attitudes.
  • Increased development of my, and my colleagues’ emotional and cognitive levels.
  • Practiced understanding of how broader perspective taking can positively impact on organisation activities and outcomes.
  • Practiced insight into the link between accessing the needs of internal and external stakeholders and successful organisation outcomes.
  • Enhanced decision making capability to effectively respond to the complexity of issues we are facing.
  • Greater capacity to handle stress.
  • Enhanced insight into personal motivation and contribution.
  • Clarity in personal goals

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