Legacy and manifesto


Cornerstone Legacy


A collective perspective shift that enables a future that is abundant, thriving and enduring for all individuals, organisations communities and the planet.


Cornerstone Manifesto

Cornerstone exists for those leaders and their organisations who see opportunity and competitive advantage in providing their people with the inspiration to pursue their business goals. While competitors can copy products, services, prices and promotions they cannot replicate extraordinarily inspired people, effective dynamic teams and unique performance cultures.

That’s our work - to partner with our clients who understand why this is critical to their success but want direction and guidance on how to build and leverage the capacity and capability of their people.

We work with Leaders to provide Integral solutions that ensure people are engaged, aligned and inspired toward achieving an organisation’s strategic future as well as maximizing their individual contribution to achieve the organisations collective outcome 

We become partners with our clients in order to deliver real transformation – in attitudes, behaviour, cultures and systems. We assist the transformation of organisations making them more capable of achieving their business goals and elevating their contribution to our communities both now and into the future.

In this digital and informational age today’s workplaces need contemporary and innovative leadership and management practices that are inclusive of what worked in the past but reflect the needs of the organisations and societies we live in now and in the future. Our Integral process and methodologies have been researched, designed and developed to meet these needs.


Why Cornerstone?

In ancient times buildings made of stone needed a ‘cornerstone’ as a reference from which all the other stone blocks were set. Appearing at the apex of an arch or vault, the cornerstone was the most ‘integral’ stone since it was the epicentre of the intended architectural shape. The cornerstone allows all else in the structure to maintain place and an even fit within the structure. 

The metaphor for the cornerstone is one of unity, strength of wholeness, and a quest to reach limitless heights or goals.

Through the use of the Integral Framework, as our cornerstone, we are able to provide our clients with a sense of wholeness and unity providing the ability to reach outcomes and expectations beyond what they thought was possible.