In November 2014 Cornerstone Integral and Canyon Brand Design collaborated on a project for the North Melbourne Football Club. This project was designed to bring to life what, for the history of the Club, has been known as the Shinboner Spirit.

For North Melbourne, the Shinboner Spirit, is a phrase that reflects the unique and binding culture of the club that brings supporters, staff and players together. For many years the definition of this phrase was not clear but it was felt that to define it and then promote a discussion with all staff, both non playing and playing, would ensure a common understanding of what was important about the past but also create a legacy for the future.

Michael Griffiths one of our Directors who's thought leadership speacialises in developing dynamic and performance driven cultures, developed a process that allowed all staff the opportunity to discuss what the Shinboner Spirit meant for them. In these workshops the Integral Framework was used to highlight the relationship between the Shinboner Spirit culture and how that would impact on the collective systems, individual mindsets and ultimately the actions that people would take.  

Currently the Shinboner Spirit serves as the cultural touchstone for the club both on and off the field. It provides guidance as to what is important and whilst it is subjective in nature it assist people make effective choices thus ensuring any individual action is in line with cultural expectations.

The following graphics show where the Shinboner Spirit fits within the Integral Framework.


The approach taken for the North Melbourne Football Club can be applied equally to any corporate environment as all organisations have a culture that is expressed by the way people behave. These behaviours will either be counter productive and drive a culture that eventually becomes dysfunctional or conducive to a culture that is functional.


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