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Mark Keily - Director

An organisational and leadership development strategist and practitioner with over 35 years of experience, Mark has journeyed through the rich landscape of organisation  development theories and practices as they have emerged and been applied over the past three decades.

He is an “inquisitive acquirer” and the work during his career has been informed by many thought leaders including Edward de Bono, Elliott Jaques, Hersey and Blanchard, David Kolb, Ken Wilber, Theo Dawson, Nick Petrie and many more.

His experience within different organisations and the context within which they operate has given him a deep knowledge of the public sector, manufacturing across three industries, FMCG, wholesaling and distribution, retailing, civil construction, and industrial services. This experience has enabled him observe and apply his knowledge across these different settings.

Mark’s deep practical and organisational experience, has drawn him to the inevitable conclusion that the most effective OD interventions result from a deliberate or intuitive application of Integral Theory for diagnosing and developing interventions for organisations seeking to optimise performance.  

An experienced program designer and facilitator,  Mark has a depth of experience in facilitating a range of programs and organisational interventions relating to cultural change, leadership, project and program management, performance management, and organisational design.

He has also program managed significant technological and organisational change programs through all phases of the business cycle.

Thought Leadership

Mark prides himself on his motivation to continue to learn and share knowledge with others. He feels privileged that his rich network linking him with thought leaders including Peter Holliday, the members and alumni of the Lectica organisation, and the rich experience and knowledge of his fellow Cornerstone Integral colleagues, allows him to maintain this passion.


Completing a Bachelors Degree in 1980 - majoring in Applied Economics and Organisational behaviour, (RMIT- previously Philip Institute of Technology), Mark subsequently completed Graduate Diplomas in Industrial Relations (RMIT) 1986 and Human Resource Development (Deakin University) 1993.

He is also a highly trained facilitator, coach, counsellor and trainer.


Married to Louise, Mark and his family have lived in Sydney for many years. He is a passionate classic car enthusiast, snow skier and music collector.

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