21st Century Organisational Development


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21st Century Organisational Development


Trusted experience   



Do you find yourself impacted by any of the following situations:

  • In meetings all the time and can't get your own work done?
  • Struggling to get people on the same page or to agree to anything?
  • Never enough time in the day to get the important tasks done and meet deadlines?
  • Wondering why parts of your business are siloed and don't talk to each other? 
  • No one can make a clear decision and things keep getting delayed?

Are you a senior leader, manager or changemaker who's read all the books and seen the latest speakers but still feel like you can't quite see the complete picture? Then imagine a single model that puts all the pieces together in way that is so striking and profound you'll wonder how you ever survived without it. 

Welcome to the Integral Framework. The solution you and your organisation are looking for. 

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What is Cornerstone Integral?

We are a leading edge Australian consulting organisation, focused exclusively on providing integrally based scalable solutions to modern leadership and organisational development challenges.

We work with leaders and key decision makers who want to create real systemic and sustainable transformation for their organisations, their people and themselves. 


A Partnership with Cornerstone will shift your perspective by:

  • Developing organisational mastery, ensuring ethically sustainable growth that accounts for your profits your people and the planet 
  • Increasing the capacity and capability of your people to embrace the ever increasing complexity of organisational life
  • Ensuring your organisations vision, values and strategy is effectively translated through to the operational areas of the business 
  • Changing your approach to developing your leadership by ensuring you provide experiences that expand their perspective and the quality of their decision making  
  • Building aligned teams, cultures, systems and structures that are fit for the purpose of the organisation
  • Creating a Legacy of high performance and strategic excellence in your organisation.

Our Strategic Collaborator Rob Roe who wrote the Integral Manifesto has recently produced a number of videos that explain the Integral Framework and its application for organisations and leaders. He calls this series Gray's Anatomy for Organisations. There are 4 parts to this series and considers how taking an Integral view can help explain how organisations work. Cornerstone is proud to be able to provide this series of videos through the new Cornerstone Integral YouTube Channel. We would encourage CEOs, OD practitioners and HR Executives to view these videos in order to fully understand and appreciate the value of taking an Integral view of your organisation. If you would like to discuss the implications of the content of these videos for your organisation call 1300 133 550 for a no obligation white board session

What others are saying about working with Cornerstone integral

I have worked with Cornerstone Integral since mid 2010. I have valued my relationship with them and more importantly the leadership development programs they have delivered that provide a unique insight into the culture of the organisation. This has helped my decision making and the decision making of my executive team with respect to creating large scale, sustainable organisational transformation.
— Meredith Wallace, Former Organisational Development Manager, Thiess Mining Australia
I first meet many of the Cornerstone people in 2005. As my career has grown I have valued the support and counsel they have provided in the roles that I have had. They are innovative in their thinking and are always open to feedback and developing interventions that represent the leading edge in organisational development. In 2009 Michael Griffiths first introduced me to the Integral Framework. Since then Michael and I have worked together to design and develop unique Integral interventions for the teams I have been accountable for. Each time we co-create an approach we are able to take what we have learnt in the past and enhance and add thus ensuring that my team and I are experiencing something that reflects my needs in a pragmatic way, but also expands the perspectives of my team. I look forward to being able to continue my relationship with Cornerstone and to design creative and practical ways of ensuring Barminco remains relevant into the future.
— Matt Lloyd , Executive General Manager, Safety and Innovation, Barminco

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We are offering an obligation free, 3 hour white board session to demonstrate the power of the Integral Framework. This session will help uncover your current and future road blocks, while mapping your entire organisation in a way that you never thought possible. Call us on 1300 133 550 to get started or book your session online by clicking the button below and one of our experienced consultants will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a time to begin your transformational journey.