CUltural Mastery


Our rich history and depth of experience, coupled with our library of solutions and interventions, and our network of global thought leaders, enables us to provide significant breadth and depth in delivering programs and interventions. If you are a theorist, you will be thinking, Graves, Beck, Cowan, Kuhn, Gebser and many more.

The Cultural Mastery quadrant describes the collective beliefs and value characteristics of people within an organisation or group setting.

Culture is described as the collective mindsets consciously and unconsciously adopted by groups as they seek to identify and fit into their organisations through the question “What do we have to do to get along here?”

Often felt by your team members, customers and stakeholders, but difficult to observe and classify, in this quadrant we are seeking answers to critical questions including:

  • What collective beliefs and values are evident in our organisation?
  • How do these beliefs and values support our organisation values, mission and goals?
  • What stands out when our internal and external stakeholders describe our culture?
  • What impacts do our organisation development initiatives have on our culture and organisation performance?

Culture surveys are a common area of organisation development activity in this quadrant however it is often difficult to leverage the insights gained through these surveys into tangible and integrated solutions.

In the Cultural Mastery quadrant, we offer the following solutions:

  • Cultural Surveys and Organisation Diagnostics.
    • Cultural assessment surveys (eg Human Synergistics, Competing Values Framework).
    • Design and delivery of bespoke cultural and “temperature” surveys.
    • Focus group design and facilitation.
    • Interview based diagnostics.
  • Vision, values, ethics program development and delivery.
    • Design, development and delivery of integrated approaches to facilitate and align organisation vision, values and ethics initiatives to support an organisation’s strategic intentions.
  • Cultural Audits.
    • Design and conduct audits to assess the alignment and integration of organisational activities with its strategic intent.
  • Cultural Change Programs.
    • Design and delivery of programs and initiatives in response to opportunities and issues identified in surveys.
  • Integration of existing survey materials.
    • Review of existing survey results (conducted by any vendor), to identify and recommend responses, developing programs and initiatives as required.

Cornerstone Integral Leadership Mastery program. This series of programs provide leaders at all levels with the understanding of how relationships and cultural mastery contribute to the ability of leaders to develop organisational mastery. Tell me more....

  • Our programs and interventions are designed to deliver the following outcomes:
    • Organisational alignment linking strategic intent with the culture of your organisation.
    • Clarity on the cultural enablers and inhibitors of your organisation’s performance.
    • Alignment of your organisation Human Resources and Organisational Development initiatives with the desired cultural characteristics of your organisation.
    • Teams and employees within the organisation feel aligned.

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