Capabilty mastery


Our rich history and depth of experience, coupled to our library of solutions and interventions, and our network of global thought leaders, enables us to provide significant breadth and depth in delivering programs and interventions. 

If you are a theorist, you will be thinking, Skinner, Watson, Locke, Thorndike, Pavlov, and many more.

The Capability Mastery quadrant describes the personal behavioural characteristics of individuals within an organisational setting.

In this quadrant we are seeking answers to critical questions including:

  • What capabilities do I and individuals within our organisation need to deliver on accountabilities?
  • How do we ensure these capabilities are optimally developed to deliver organisational outcomes?
  • What behaviours do I, and we need, “practiced” to align performance with our values and strategic intent?
  • How do we develop the capability of our people to reflect the needs described in our competency framework?
  • What listening, problem solving, team, customer service, task assignment, skills do we need to develop and how will we do this?

Traditionally the first and primary area of organisation development activities, programs targeted to this quadrant set the behavioural tone of your organisation development effort, due to their focus on competence and behaviour based outcomes. Behaviour based programs however generally deliver sub optimal results unless integrated more effectively across all quadrants of the Integral Framework.

In the Capability Mastery quadrant we offer the following behaviour based solutions:


Various interpersonal and leadership instruments including Human Synergistics, Belbin, DISC, Myers Briggs, 360 degree surveys and other diagnostics.

Skills Development.

  • Interpersonal Skills
    • Interpersonal skills development (including active listening, giving and receiving feedback and conflict resolution).
    • Problem solving.
    • Time management.
    • Goal setting.
    • Coaching to improve workplace relationships.
    • Negotiation skills.
    • Influencing and persuasion.
  • Team Work
    • Team diagnostics.
    • Team work skills and building successful teams.
    • Project team formation and facilitation.
    • Work team formation and facilitation.
  • Leadership
    • Leadership coaching.
    • Task assignment and performance feedback.
    • Leadership program design and delivery.
    • Performance coaching.
    • Dispute resolution.
  • Capability Frameworks.
    • Design and development of Capability Frameworks.
    • Linking existing frameworks to Human Resources enablers.

Cornerstone Integral Leadership Mastery program. This series of programs provides leaders at all levels with the skills and capabilities to deliver better behavioural outcomes and thus build capability mastery which is a critical element for organisational mastery. Tell me more...

Based on the needs of our clients, our programs, solutions and interventions, can deliver the following outcomes:

  • Identification of specific capabilities required to deliver accountabilities.
  • Increased individual and team member capability by applying optimal learning solutions.
  • Behaviour based solutions aligned to your organisation values, strategic intent and competency framework.
  • Tailored solutions designed to respond to your specific skill needs.
  • Enhanced interpersonal effectiveness, problem solving, teamwork and leadership capability.
  • Effective negotiating and influencing skills.
  • Alignment with your Culture, Performance Management, Talent  Development and Talent Management programs.

Download the following information with respect to the following interventions: