Candice Smith



Candice has worked for over two decades to help bring out the innate humanity of

individuals and organizations in the public and corporate sectors. Following a first

career in academic publishing, she transitioned into facilitation and coaching in 2004

to help build individual and team effectiveness through more courageous and value-

rich relationships. Born in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, she was initiated into

organizational life in the early days of post-Apartheid democracy. Driven by a need to

shift the quality of human interaction at an individual, group and systemic level,

Candice trained in the Thinking Environment with Nancy Kline, the founder of Time

To Think, in 2005. This work is about encouraging a way of being that says “You

matter, your thinking makes a difference; and if you knew that, what would you do

now?” In 2008, Candice established Time To Think’s South African office and four

years later, she emigrated to Australia.


Current Role

As a coach and facilitator, Candice helps develop sustainable practices for

individuals and organizations awho want to more deftly navigate these increasingly

complex times by shifting to a more inclusive and collaborative culture. She regularly

leads Time To Think open and qualifying courses. Working in-house, her leadership

development experience in the corporate and public sectors of Australia, Asia and

Africa includes financial services, banking, construction, petrochemicals, customer

engagement, academia and government.


Educational Background and Academic Activity

A Masters in English Literature supports Candice’s passion for creative thinking. She

holds an international accreditation in coaching and she is a Time To Think Global

Faculty member. In 2016, Candice completed a 9-month Integral Project Leadership

incubator as part of the Meta-Integral program. This takes a holistic approach to

some of the world’s most complex challenges in this time of VUCA (Volatility,

Uncertainty, Challenge and Ambiguity).


Candice lives in Sydney with her husband Peter. She’s nourished by deep belly

laughs, a good dance and following a meditation path.